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The Arrival of Rider Bradbury


Well I am happy to announce that Rider Bradbury has made his debut on Amazon Kindle and you can start reading the series for free. Just look up to the right and click on the Amazon widget. Now if you are not an Amazon user, you can search for the short story on Itunes and Barnes&Nobles as well. 

To introduce him, I created the short story…"Blue-Ringed Octopus Delight." I hope that you, the reader will see Rider as someone you want to know and hopefully learn to love as a character. I've read many times that writers always weave bits of their lives into the characters they create. This is certainly true with Rider Bradbury.

Like Rider, I love the martial arts and Asian women. Although I never joined the police force, I worked in high profile security for 25 years and come from a line of cops. My great Uncle was a police chief in the United States and my grandfather was a cop in Canada. 

There are other little tidbits about me and my family, throughout the short story and upcoming novella's but I think it's more fun to keep the reader guessing, so I am not spilling anymore secrets.

When you write for the Kindle audience, there are a number of things to take into consideration. There is no publisher to guide or demand that things be done a certain way. Take the Kindle covers for instance. I've read hundreds of sources about Kindle covers and how they affect the buyer.

I started with a special treated photo of my beautiful wife, with a photo shopped Blue Ringed Octopus on her shoulder. However she is extremely beautiful and I think shoppers may have bypassed the book, thinking it was a romance. So I have gone with a very dark and somewhat disturbing image. One thing indie author have to do, is tweak covers, go back and edit already published works and so on. Hope you like the new cover.

I hope you enjoy the short story and please check back with me soon, so I can update you on the new adventures of Rider Bradbury



Blue_Ringed_Octopus_Delight_2View it on Amazon

Yes it is permafree!


Note: Part two of the Rider Bradbury series is now available on Kindle. 

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