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Welcome to the home of James Brown. Now if you are a music fan…you know James Brown the singer. Well I can’t sing or dance. In Star Trek, you hear Bones say all the time, “Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor, not an engineer.”

Well in my case. “Damn it Jim, I’m a writer and IM guy, I’m not a cool singer.”

I have a few niche sites at the moment. In a blog post, I will link to all my sites. So while you drop in here once in awhile, I’m sure to have some stuff that will help you, either health wise or making some money on the internet. You are going to bookmark this site….right?

Yuppers….I am going to point you in the direction of stuff I think you will love. Most of the products you see me promoting here…I use myself. Once in a blue moon, I may show you something that is very valuable, that one of my buddies has created and will be of value to you. No pressure though. If it’s for you, then go ahead and  grab it. As you may already know, if you buy something I promote that isn’t something I created myself, I may or may not get a commission. Sometimes, you might grab something that I offer for free.


Okay….now it’s time to talk about that beautiful E-cover you see in the upper right hand corner of this page. That E-cover is for one of my niche sites on Master Cleanse. Master Cleanse is an awesome way to remove toxins from your body and lose weight. You can check out my blog post on it….if that is something that interests you. 

The E-cover is another beautiful creation by Chad Eljisr….the owner and creator of E-cover Authority. I don’t know about you but I have spent tons of money on E-covers over the years. Everything from E-covers for my PDF giveaways, Kindle e-books and PLR creations. I’ve never stuck with one designer. There are a couple of reasons for this. Sometimes I got an E-cover back and it looked great and then I placed a 2nd order and the E-cover was crap.

Then there is the old trick, where I buy an E-cover and the designer disappears or has some family issue that needs to be fixed before they can work.

Hey I get family issues but it happens far too frequently with freelancers. When I did freelance copy and my health took a powder, I refunded my clients immediately. I didn’t go away. I had one freelancer that kept me on the hook for over three months with a song and a dance.

With Ecover Authority, that issue is GONE BABY GONE. You can make superb 3D E-covers in a just a few moments.

Truth time. At this moment, I am too busy to even start thinking about E-covers again. I have too many projects on the go, that don’t require E-covers.  Now before I even run down some of the great things about the product, let’s talk about those testimonials you will see on the sales page. I don’t know all those folks but I do know a number of them and I have bought products from them.

Take Arun for instance…besides being a flame spinner…yup he spins fire for fun….at least he thinks it is fun-my friend Arun is a content creator amongst other things.. I bought an awesome PLR Bundle from him, in a niche I really wanted to get into.

Well Arun uses Ecover Authority and the E-covers he provided in the niche bundle i bought, were way better looking than any others that I had viewed in that niche. Wondering what the niche is? Well it is the survival niche which is huge now….especially with the all the possible things that could affect our planet.

Okay, okay I hear you-stop blabbering Jimmy and tell me the benefits of Ecover Authority.



  • There are over 100 design templates to choose from
  • It’s just point and click…even though the God of Tech hates me, I could still do this with ease
  • Lots of free graphics to make your E-covers rock
  • Quick download and you can save and edit whenever the mood strikes you
  • Of course there is a groovy bonus. 20 beautiful pre-designed book covers. Kindle anyone?
  • Did I mention the pre-designed covers are valued at $50 bucks each, if you hired out?


Well that should get your juices flowing. The ball is in your court now. If you want an online business where people look at your product images and go, “WOW” then you need to at least check out Ecover Authority yourself, instead of listening to me rave about it.

Hey, what is that below:


So if you aren’t bored stiff yet, read on my friends.

I’m a PLR content creator and you can find my PLR bundles on the digital platform JvZoo, under my full name, James William Brown. As well, I have created a PLR site that features my PLR and top notch PLR providers. It’s a great way for you to find the PLR you need, without doing a lot of searching and perhaps buying inferior PLR. You can check it out at:



I’m also an author and work in a variety of niches under the name James W. Brown and Jimmy Brown. There are also some works under my pen names.

Shortly I will be opening up my Youtube channel where I will be doing video’s on PLR, Kindle, Martial Arts and a few comedy type recordings as I am a natural clown and have been told many times that I should be doing stand-up comedy. I’ll wait til I see the reaction to my video’s before I try the downtown Toronto comedy scene.

There will also be some shared Youtube video’s over there on the right-hand side…under categories. I watch Youtube a lot, especially comedy and old rock concerts from the 70’s and 80’s. 

Please check out my posts so that you are fully updated on my works.

Thanks so much,


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