I am not Steven King.

True story. Wayy back in 1963, my 1st grade teacher called my Mom. She was very upset because I couldn’t read, at all. My Mom asked her what the heck she was babbling on about. Apparently I had been reading and understanding the newspaper…at the age of four. Mom told me that I used to sit on the steps and read Dear Abby to her and then ask what the people should do?

I guess I was just bored. Frankly, I was bored all the way through school and preferred to read and study whatever I wanted at home. However, I never showed any interest in writing until Grade 10.

I had an English teacher who thought that at least one a week, we should write in a journal. Anything we wanted!!! Wow, I loved the idea of being able to write anything I wanted.

You see, I grew up in a military family. Actually my folks are all cops and military. My great grandfather fought in the civil war and then moved to Canada. Still trying to figure that one out.

I started writing in this journal and it was brutally honest. Some of it was pretty sick stuff as I had some major issues with my parents and their ideas of how to raise children. No talking at the dinner table, don’t ask questions like, “How come?” Actually a lot of military families were raised like that 40 years ago. It was strict. In the 60’s, anyone under 16 had to be home before 9 p.m.  Even in the early 70’s, if you were seen walking on the officers home street, you would be questioned as to who your father was and what was his rank. The answer, “Warrant Officer RAC Brown,” would get me kicked off the street quickly but politely. It was only a polite move along because of my fathers rep. Before he got sick, my Dad was the terror of the army base.  He was six four and from what I have been told, slightly under 200lbs. But…he had ungodly strength and a temper to boot. I remember being sixteen and he has been sick for years with a disease similiar to ALS/MS. He smiled at me one day and put his hand up with the fingers spread. “Clasp hands with me.” he said. Like a dummy I did and quickly found myself on my knees begging for mercy. You see, his hand strength was incredible, just by squeezing his fingers together-he was crushing mine. My brother told a similiar story. Back in the day when he was a skinny 160 lbs…this was before he developed that 50 inch chest and 20 inch biceps-my Dad played a game with him. My Dad would hold his arm out to the side and my 160 lb brother would do chin-ups on it.

So as you can probably tell, I had a lot fear, anger and other emotions that filled that journal with all sorts of stories.

I quit school 3 times and finally went back and graduated at age 21. During those off periods, I was writing a lot of fiction. It was a great release. When I went back into school, I was ghostwriting short stories and poems for my friends. No cash but I loved the praise.

I had quite a few start and stops on novels over the next 20 plus years. After taking a course in Children’s Lit and getting a diploma, I wrote my first novel.

It sits in a brown file folder in my desk. I completed it in 1995 and I guess it’s what Steve King calls a trunk novel. Now Steven King who is one of my favorite authors, almost didn’t make the cut. Can you believe it? He wrote the novel Carrie and ended up throwing it in the trash can. Lucky for Steven King, he has an amazing wife. She got the novel out of the trash and encouraged him to keep writing. Since 1983, I have kept everything I have written, lots of crap but I was upset with myself that after leaving high school, I had lost binders of short stories and poems. Stuff I would love to have and look at again, just to remember some fond times. Now as Kindle grows and grows, I am thinking of pulling it out and updated it a bit before releasing it on Kindle. It’s just an old fashioned style story for teens, no sex, drugs or crap like that. It may only sell a couple of copies but hey, it’s hard for parents with morals to find decent stuff for their kids to read. I mean, really parents have fallen off the map in the last few years. I remember reading a newspaper story about a lady who said her kid was not afraid of the gunfire that happened in the hood..cause her little four year old’s fav program was CSI. Really??? I think I am pretty opened minded with my 18 year old but I never let him watch anything like that til he hit the 14 or 15 year old status.

For those of you who have visited my martial arts blog, you know that I started it as a website in 2005. From there, I was hired by my web designer to write for him and then some of his clients. It was that idea and reading Bob Bly’s books, that made me decide to go after a freelance writers life. Four courses from AWAI and numerous short courses later, I continue to freelance. However my main focus is on my own product creation. Kindle Ebooks, Fivver information gigs and upcoming stand alone Ebooks…are the way for me. I like the clients I get, however I am still very much a lone wolf who enjoys being home by himself. I have my wife and son for love and company. However I am the guy you see in a movie theatre by himself or down by the river hunting for Indian arrow heads.

As I work on finishing my first Kindle fiction book, I am hopefully that enough people will like the idea and want to purchase a series from me. I am doing a novella to test the waters so to speak and in the back of the book, I will encourage people to contact me and let me know if they would like to see book two and whether book two should be a novella as well or full length. As well I just picked up a one click Ecover creator because I plan to release 20 plus Kindle books before the end of the world in 2012. Just kidding, the Mayans never predicted that would happen-you can blame Mel Gibson for starting that rumour.

Hope you enjoy visiting.



James W.Brown
706 Heatherwood Square
Mississauga, Ontario
P.S. Mississauga is located just outside Toronto, Ontario-Canada

p.p.s. No proof reading done here, I write as I speak. Pardon the frank talk about the family but it is what it is as they say:)


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