Making Money Online-Never Give Up.


I’m about to confess something personal here. Something that would probably make most people shake their head and put their tail between their legs before going to mope.

I’ve been a failure online since 2005. Yes that long. One of the biggest reasons is something that most people who venture online, suffer from. Shiny object syndrome. I started a martial arts website back in 2005. I was totally clueless as to what I was doing. I thought wow, build it and they will come. I had T-Shirts made and some nifty ball caps with a cool logo. At least 90% of that stuff still sits in a box, hidden away in my basement. I have the same car as I did back in 2005 and the huge logo decal I had made, is still stuck to the back window, cracked and peeling. Kinda how I feel somedays.

I still have the website, although I closed it down for two years and then put it up again on blogger. It was near and dear to my heart, I just couldn’t let it go. I haven’t posted on it much and I keep thinking “hey that would make a great post, I should put that up.”

I jumped from that website to studying copywriting because people saw the blog content and told me I was awesome. So I spent a whack of money getting an education in the world of copywriting. I did okay off and on but man I sucked at getting new clients. Along the way, I also put up and took down niche sites I build that I couldn’t get traffic to, no matter what I tried.

And on and on it went. Today, I narrowed it down and I’m sticking to just a couple of things. I write for Kindle and I create PLR bundles and short reports. The writing part is the easiest part by far for me. Building niche sites to hold my PLR content and learning how to use Kompozer made me want to pull out my hair.

But in spite of it all, I refuse to give up. I know that the minor success I have now, will build and all I want and desire will come true, because the blood that flows through my veins is Celtic and Viking. I refuse to quit and would rather be carried out from behind my computer on my shield.  I cannot convince my wife to give me a Viking burial when I go, so I will have to stick with just plain old cremation and have a little plaque, that reads,

“He was a hermit with a keyboard. A funny but sometimes annoying hermit.”

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