Blue-Ringed Octopus Delight-

A Short Story

A Short Story



Well here it is, my 1st short story. I wrote this to introduce my character…Rider Bradbury. I thought an intro would be a good idea, just before releasing a novella. Yes, I plan on making this a series. Depending on the votes of the readers, this series will be novella’s or full length books, after the first novella is released.

I understand that most Kindle readers are looking for short works to read during their busy days, so that is why I have not committed to writing a novel. So what is Blue-Ringed Octopus Delight?

Well I am going to hold back a bit. I want the reader to come to some conclusions on their own and if I spell out the concept fully here, then that spoils the surprise. I can tell you this, much…if you like thrillers, serial killers, martial arts, beautiful women, especially asian women-well this might just be for you.

They say to write what you know about. So in fiction, I think we see that come through all the time. I devour books and one author who I believe puts a lot of his early life into his books, is Steven King. I may be totally wrong but after reading about 45 of his books, I have it figured in my mind, that Steven had a very, very nasty childhood. There is a theme that runs through a lot of his books. Did you pick up on the theme as well??

In my life, I am consumed by a number of things, thankfully none of them are as ugly as the theme that runs in Steven’s books. I am obsessed by martial arts, reading and asian women. I will be blogging about some of those themes over the next little while because I believe if you get to know me, we can be friends via the internet. I am a hermit and spend very little time in company of humans, preferring to be home or in the woods. The internet has some good and bad about it. For me it allows distant contact with others which is the way I live. I get to talk to people and share ideas without being in the same room. No, I don’t run around in my undies at home but I just like being alone or with my beautiful Vietnamese wife.

Well it is time for me to head down to my little basement dojo. Hit the bag and mentally edit the upcoming, “The Burning Apple.”

I hope you stop by Kindle and have a look at my short story. You can  always leave a review or a comment here and let me know what you would like to see in the future.l



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