Kindle E-book (How To Lose Weight Fast & Tone Up

Amazon Kindle is a writers dream come true. No more sitting in the slush pile, having a first reader, review your book and tell you that it is not moving on the second reader-never mind the editor. Kindle publishing lets writers like me, put out their work and have it judged by the people who matter…the book readers.

My third Kindle effort again follows my personal experience. This time instead of talking about the world of hotel security and crazy situations that people never hear of-this book is about losing weight, exercising and how your state of mind affects the possible actions you take.

Think about it for a moment. If you wake up, “on the wrong side of the bed,” how likely are you to eat a proper breakfast and exercise to get your day started on the right foot? Not likely at all. Instead, you’ll probably run to the nearest coffee chain and power down with a coffee and some kind of sweets. Notice how I said, ” power down, instead of power up.” Massive quantities of sugar will rock your blood sugar. You will feel great for a few minutes and then the crash begins.

Your state of mind before and during exercise is very important in terms of your results. If you are not exercising and watching your mental thought process, then it is highly likely you will not properly fuel your body through-out the day. Constant days of improper fueling will add pounds to your waistline and hips.

This short e-book is a fun read that is written by me…an average joe who has an above average amount of energy for a guy 55+.

Check it out and be sure to leave a review. I want to write more books if the desire of the reader is there.

How To Lose Weight Fast & Tone Up

Have an awesome day!


James W.Brown
706 Heatherwood Square
Mississauga, Ontario
P.S. Mississauga is located just outside Toronto, Ontario-Canada

P.P.S. I wrote this book and I am quite proud of it. However I realize that some people need more help than my short ebook can give them. That’s why I promote Fat Burning to my email list. Check it out if you want, need a full weight loss system that works wonders.

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