Kindle E-books And The Marketing Nightmare

Marketing and sales…make most writers physically ill.


I finally got around to putting one of my Kindle e-books into the "free day" promotion. One thing that I am finding is,,,,Amazon does not explain exactly how they market a Kindle e-book and all the silly llittle things you have to do. For instance, I thought it would be a great idea to put my .99 cent short story into the free day program. Well it took a little trial and error to find out that your book has to cost at least $2.99 to be in this program. Crap.

I haven't had great sales so far with my exercise and weight loss e-book. I keep hearing people say they just put up a Kindle e-book and Amazon does all the marketing for them while they sip cold drinks. Somehow I am missing a piece of the puzzle.

I've tried the old Twitter marketing trick myself for my books and have not made one sale from Twitter. So I am in the process of using some paid marketing and more free stuff. I did find a couple of sites that allow me to post up my .99 cent short story which is great but it took a lot of time googling sites for me to strike gold. I have found a site that I can submit a free short story to, that will give me some followers. The short story will have a link to this blog and if someone grabs the free book, they may decide to come on over and check me out. The site has a lot of rabid fans, so this may be a winner.

From some of the how to sell a boatload of books on kindle courses that I have bought, they all seem to say the same thing. Don't worry about sales,just write more books and the sales will come down the road. So I have put my trust in the authors of those courses.

My plan for the Rider Bradbury fiction is to follow-up the short story with 2 novella's. Then combine all three with a brand new short story into one e-book that I can sell for a higher price and also put up on Createspace as a physical print on demand book. Sound interesting??



James W. Brown

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