My Very First Kindle Ebook-A Non-Fiction Memoir

My first two Kindle books were non-fiction. I’d like to talk about my very first effort:

“Confessions Of A Nocturnal Surveillance Officer”

I spent quite a few years in the security industry, working in art galleries, malls and most of the hotel business. This ebook is some of the tales from night shifts. Over the years, I have told stories about security work. Most of the time it was for new hires and I used the stories of examples of how to handle situations.

At other times, I was yapping about stuff that had gone on during the midnight hours. Lots of crazy stuff! I’ve been described as a person who should really be doing stand-up comedy. I guess it’s because of the way I describe situations and act them out.

This memoir of sorts, will not appeal to everyone. I make no bones about it. Unless you have a fond side for hookers, drunks and general all around butt-heads like I do, then this book will not amuse you. It contains fight scenes, not very flattering talks about boy bands and basketball players. It’s locker room stuff. So please, do not buy this book if you are a weenie, a whiner or one of the dozens of goofs that I fought with over a 25 year career in security.

Confessions Of A Nocturnal Surveillance Officer 


James W.Brown
706 Heatherwood Square
Mississauga, Ontario
P.S. Mississauga is located just outside Toronto, Ontario-Canada


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