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Hi Folks,

One thing we hear all the time is, “I don’t know what to write?”

As a content creator and Kindle author, that is something I never struggle with. The old joke is, “I could write an article about pocket lint.” Truth be told, if I wanted to, I could write an article about pocket lint or even a short fiction story.

But what do you do, if you have a blog and you are totally short on ideas. Well a lot of people use PLR, which is pre-written content that you take and edit to make it your own. It’s much cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter or paying medical bills when you keep banging your head off the wall.

PLR has so many uses for people who blog and want to make some pocket money or even build a home based business that they build up to full time income.

Here are five great ideas for PLR besides using it for blog content:

1. Create a membership site that you charge a monthly fee for people to come in and use your content or ideas. No idea how to build one? Well Kentz Soliman has a great course on on memberships:

Create a membership site in minutes-no hosting or difficult coding. Note that on May/9th/2017, this course is on a hot sale and Kentz is very giving and frequently has deals on her courses. No, I am not an affiliate, I just buy her courses myself as I do purchase a lot of great courses on Udemy.

Beautiful woman on the beach working on laptop. You know she is smart and uses PLR to build her business,so she can work anywhere in the world.

2. Take a PLR package or even a bundle and create your own product. You can sell a product from your website, JvZoo, Warrior forum and Payhip as examples.

3. If you already have a list, even a small one, you can take PLR and create daily or weekly lessons to show your expertise. After you have provided value, you can put in some affiliate links to helpful products.

4. Start writing short reports. This are not hard to do. It’s 7-10 pages of hard packed valuable information. Price them at between $5-$7 bucks and then get them online.

5. Become an affiliate. Take JvZoo for instance. There are a lot of great products on JvZoo and when you get accepted as an affiliate for a product, you can take PLR and make your own report as a bonus so that if someone buys through your link, they also get your report for free. People love getting free bonuses.

I hope this helps you out with some ideas of what you can do with PLR.




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