Do You Share A Famous Name?

Having the same name as someone who is very famous, can be a lot of fun. With my name however, it can broken down to the following:

Jim Brown: Famous Football Player-When I broke my hand playing football at 17, my friends would bug me and say, “You are no Jim Brown, that’s for sure.”

Jimmy Brown: “Jimmy Brown the newsboy” written in 1959 by Flatt & Scruggs. All my little buddies used to sing it to me and tease me about it. I was around 3-4 years old at the time and still remember it well.

James ¬†Brown: Very famous singer and dancer. This one has come up a lot since the 80’s. Everything from people going, “Owww, I feel good,” to “Jammmmes Brown, howya doing brother!”

In 2005, I was working for the ¬†Four Seasons hotel in Toronto. I had moved up from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia and I wasn’t happy about it. Actually I am still not. I followed my wife up to the area because our son had just been born and my wife had the majority of her family living in the area. I had one family member in Halifax…my brother Paul, whom I named my son after.

Well I missed my brother and we still get kinda weepy about the fact we are no longer together. So in 2005, I told him that the next time he came to Toronto, he HAD to stay at the Four Seasons and I would get him a great deal.

My brother checked into the hotel and I was on duty at the time, so he headed down to the bar and ordered up a drink.

His waitress, came over, polite and professional as you would expect in a Four Seasons. She was African-Canadian. So as she is taking my brother’s drink order, he looks at her and says, “Do you know James Brown?”

She gave him a really dirty look and and replied, “What are you, some kind of fool?”

My brother didn’t really clue in at that point and said to her, “Ahhh, he’s my brother and he works here in security. I was hoping you could tell him I’m in the bar.”

She threw her hand to her mouth and said, “OMG, I’m so sorry, you mean Jimmy!”

Funny stuff. Everybody at the Four Seasons called me something different, including Noel (the polite security officer) who looked at me one day in the office and said, “You know what-I think I’m gonna call you Jethro. Ya, Jethro Bodine, cause you’re just a big dumb farmer from Nova Scotia.” Now if you ever met Noel, you would laugh because he is huge and you would expect him to be a holy terror. However he was so dammn polite to the drunks and idiots, that we were stunned when he joined the cops.

So how many of you have a famous name that you want to share? Leave a comment and if you have a funny story to go with it, that would be awesome.

Have a great day.

James W.Brown
706 Heatherwood Square
Mississauga, Ontario
P.S. Mississauga is located just outside Toronto, Ontario-Canada


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