I want to write a Kindle E-book-Is it hard to do?

I spent a fair amount of time on writers blogs and some forums. Lately the question of writing a Kindle e-book pops up. Many people want to take advantage of this because there is no painful rejection from publishers and agents.

However people are concerned about how hard it is to write a book. So for those folks who are considering it, I will talk about my experience so far.

I have three titles on Kindle. All three are non-fiction and I had anywhere from a little knowledge to a great deal of knowledge about the topic. I am working on a fiction novel and I have written a novel before. Fiction is a great deal of sweat and blood but I will come back to that.

Realize that there are good ways to go about publishing on Kindle and bad ways. From all I have learned by my own experience and having purchased a variety of “Kindle publishing courses,” I would recommend staying away from anything that smells of cheapness. There are a lot of Kindle courses out there that promote fast ways to publish, tricky little hacks and so on. Run when you see this.

Non-fiction is really not that difficult. The best thing to do for starters, is pick a topic that you already have knowledge about and then research to fill in the gaps. Do an outline of what you want to talk about and then review it from the readers mind. If you were buying this book, would you understand the flow?

From here, you can outline your chapters. The really easy way to do it from here is write one page for each chapter. So if you have 20 chapters, your e-book will be 20 pages long.

Kindle readers love short books that get right to the point. Many are impulse buyers like females on lunch break looking for great tips on Yoga or some other form of exercise. You want to come up with non-fiction ideas that solve problems or tell a personal story. The people who read Kindle are not really looking for books on blogging or network marketing. They typically have some pain in their life that they want to get  out of.

There are different options for formatting your book. You can do it yourself manually or with software…there is also Fiverr. Now I have software for e-covers and formatting. So far they have been nothing but problems. So I found a really great formatter on Fiverr. She has tons of 100% reviews. I did my last e-cover through a guy that does different types of graphic design. He was more expensive than the Fiverr guy I used but totally worth it.

Uploading to Amazon is drop dead simple. Your e-book has to be in Mobi format and a Fiverr gigger will do that for you.  Create your Amazon account and then your publishers account. When you start your upload, Amazon gives you simple steps to follow and if you make a mistake, you can go back and correct it.

Fiction is a whole different story. Writing a fiction book, most people tend to have a lot of mental self talk going on that stops them. Like thinking, “I am not good enough.” For me, this is an issue.  I faced a lot of negative stuff since the day I was born. The good thing is that I now understand when my subconscious mind is trying to wreck my day.

The best thing to do is when you wake up, have a good healthy breakfast, exercise and take a nice shower. While in the shower, talk to yourself and assure yourself that you are good enough to write and write well. Pump yourself up, be your own cheerleader. Then sit down and hammer out as much as you can on the computer. Yes if you have a J.O.B. you will have to get up earlier to do this. The question is, how bad do you want it. People who really want to write a great fiction book, take action. Just like the guy who had 2 jobs (16 hours a day) and still found time to write something everyday. How about all those great female writers, who had kids and a full time job. I know some of them got up before their kids did, then wrote their butts off.

You can do it. Just take massive action.

Now if you want the contact info for the people I am currently using for my e-books, send me a note at livewirecopywriter(at) gmail.com

In the subject line put, “your helpers?” I get tons of email, so by using this subject line I can pick out who is looking for some help.


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