The Shocking Truth About Home Invasions!

Could This Be True?


Warning, what you are about to read may shock you. Home invasions are occurring more often. One reason for this is the overwhelming drug problem in North America. Addiction to coke, meth and other hardcore drugs, drive people to invade homes looking for saleable items to raise cash for drugs. What can you do as a homeowner to protect yourself?? Well it all depends on where you live. The United States, differs greatly in comparsion to my native Canada. I know one lady who lives in Texas that has a gun and is not afraid to use it upon anyone who dares threaten her home or kids.


Here in Canada, if I was to discharge a firearm in my own home, even if it was the firearm I took away from a home invader, I likely would be charged. Yes you read that right. As a homeowner I am not allowed to protect myself. Case in point, a group of men broke into a home and one of the men had a knife. He threatened the teenager in the home, with the knife and a struggle occurred. The home invader was cut with his own knife and the teenager was charged. I know, you are screaming at your computer right now,.."Are you freaking serious???"  Sad but true. A similiar situation occurred with my teenage son, only it was a school. While I feel it is best not to explain the whole issue, due to the fact that I could get into trouble…my son protected himself against a knife and was charged with assault and suspended from school for the same length of time as the knife carrier.


With this in mind, should you ever decide to read my Kindle fiction, keep it in mind that some of the situations that Rider Bradbury faces and the way he deals with it, is fiction plain and simple. Where Rider may be overly aggessive and break an arm or choke someone out…in real life he would not do that-at least not here in Canada. Criminals in Canada are pampered and protected. Just read the Canadian news and you will see that. Cut off someone's head, go to jail and in a couple of years time, you will be granted unescorted day passes from jail. I somehow doubt that would happen in the United States and once in a blue moon, it pisses me off that my Great Grandfather left the States after the civil war and moved to Canada.

If only we could really let Rider Bradbury go on a stomping fest for real…kicking the crap out of Canada's serial killers and rapist's.



James W. Brown and Rider Bradbury

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