Why Cat Zingano Failed To Submit Amanda Nunes

I watch a lot of mma. Sometimes I get frustrated though. Not enough to yell at the tv like a hockey or soccer fan though. One of my buddies who won a world championship at bjj, told his blog followers that I excel at breaking down fights. I have no idea if that is true but I do know that I see things that I feel are done incorrectly and I have to wonder, is the coaching or is the mma athele unwilling to try things.

Here is the scoop on the fight between Cat and Amanda. Twice, Cat locked in a front choke and beautifully flipped Amanda over onto her back. Each time, I said wtf, why isn't she going for the submission??

Here is what Cat missed for whatever reason. When you throw someone like she did to Amanda, the finish is to go with the force and roll over onto to Amanda's legs…then sitting up and tightening the choke.

Having a hard time picturing this? Well break it into chunks like this.

1. Amanda puts her head down and Cat puts a front choke on her.

2. Cat uses a backwards movement and force to throw Amanda up and over onto her back.

3. Stop it right there. Amanda is on her back and Cat is beside her. Now lets do it this way as if we are in practise at the dojo.

4. Picture sitting on the mat, with your legs in front of you. Your partner, stands over you with their feet on the outside of your thighs. Now they put on the choke and slowly sit down on your thighs while spreading their legs out in a V formation. They still have the choke on. You are trapped because they are sitting on your thighs and although your hands can touch the ground, you cannot really get any traction. Your partner leans back and tightens the choke….you tap out out.

5. Okay put that all into one motion-the choke goes on, you move backwards pulling the person towards you and flip them over, you go with them rolling onto their thighs and spreading out your legs for balance. You still have the choke on and your partner is sitting up while you choke the crap out of them. Game over.

So if Cat Zingano would learn this full move, she could hopefully snap that on to Rhonda Rousey and we have a New Champion.


Stay tuned for more suggestions on how mma fighters can complete their moves.



James W. Brown

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