How Did Michael Jackson Learn To Dance.

Hi Folks,

If you are an old duck like me, you grew up on black and white movies and were in awe, when Mom and Pop brought home your 1st color TV. Growing up, we had two channels to choose from until the old man bought a kick ass antenna and put it up on the roof to pull some signals.

I loved tap dancing movies and I still do. The Nicholas brothers were awesome as was Buddy Epson who later played Pa on the TV show Beverly Hillbillies. In fact very few people even knew at that time that Buddy was a big time tap dancer.

Well on to Michael Jackson. He was a freaking superstar with his dance moves and one of his teachers was the eldest of the Nicholas brothers. I read somewhere that Janet also took some lessons, so when you watch this video, it won’t be hard to see why the Jackson’s rocked it.





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